As children, we listen to bedtime stories, myths, and fairytales told by our parents and elders and in that way they become an integral part of who we are as adults. Through these stories, we learn morals and values, we explore emotions of fear and love. They protect us from harm as well as inspire, motivate, and manipulate our way of thinking. These stories essentially become our shared experiences, the lenses through which we see the world around us. In the best of these stories, the relationship between good and evil is not always clear, as survival of one depends on the other. In fact, this is where the greatest lessons are learned and when the value of paying attention to details becomes so important.

I create pieces that combine figurative and abstract forms based on subjects of nature, animals, and everyday objects. All of the pieces are handmade using two techniques: carving traditional materials such as alabaster, wood, and galalith and dry felting soft wool. The materials juxtapose the qualities of hard and soft, heavy and light, comfort and discomfort, warm and cold, and safe and dangerous. These contrasting qualities find harmony in my pieces simply by virtue of their coexistence because just like the stories of good and evil, they rely on each other for the piece to survive.

Within each piece lies millions of stories and this collection is a vehicle through which you can write your own. I invite you to use my pieces as inspiration, self-expression, or simply as a reminder of all those fairytales told long ago.