Hello, I’m Faye Marisa (born in 1987 in Bangkok, Thailand) a contemporary jewellery maker currently based in Florence, Italy.

I have completed an MFA in Jewellery and Body Ornaments from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence tutored by a Dutch artist Lucy Sarneel.

The White Elephant Tale

As children, we listen to bedtime stories, myths, and fairytales told by our parents and elders and in that way they become an integral part of who we are as adults. Through these stories, we learn morals and values, we explore emotions of fear and love. They protect us from harm as well as inspire, motivate, and manipulate our way of thinking…

Natural Born Killer (2016)

This series came from my feeling of compassion for animals that were killed by my cat. For him, they are his trophy, to some it is considered brutality even though this is how nature works.

(Gold18k, silver 925, steel)

Snake snake fish fish (2016)

This series of pieces challenges/explores the boundaries of conventional humour and absurdity by mixing both animal and human elements. Plastic doll parts combine with animal figures created using traditional metalsmithing techniques to form a surrealistic series of characters where in each animal has a feature that is replaced by ‘human’ doll parts.

This absurd juxtaposition references the relationship between animal and human nature. The humorous reaction that this evokes invites people to interact with each other using the pieces as a means of communication, a reminder for people not to take themselves too seriously.

Silver 925, steel, plastic, thread